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Perfect For Your Wedding Or Event


The California Quiet Band was created to provide low volume music for weddings and special events.  The California Quiet Band performs as an affordable guitar, piano and bass trio. The California Quiet Band's "every moment beautiful" music will help you to create the perfect atmosphere of elegance and sophistication at your wedding or event.

The California Quiet Band features Mr. Timothy Mac Master on guitar.  Mr.  Mac Master was a successful and well respected attorney in Honolulu for more than 30 years.  He recently retired from the practice of law to pursue a more leisurely lifestyle,   He surfs on Oahu's North Shore during the winter and prospects for gold in the Northern California Motherlode during the summer. 


For many years Mr. Mac Master performed regularly with Hawaii's most talented jazz musicians.  Now Mr. Mac Master has networked with some of Northern California's most highly skilled pianists and bass players to perform as The California Quiet Band.

The California Quiet Band is perfect for your wedding or event because it will perform relaxing music that is enjoyed by both younger and older listeners.  The California Quiet Band's trio size, small footprint and volume sensitivity enable it to perform in both large and small spaces without disturbing private conversations.  The California Quiet Band arrives on time, well dressed and ready to perform.  The pianists of The California Quiet Band can also provide music for your wedding ceremony.  When you need reliable professional musicians to provide elegant and upscale music and atmosphere for the perfect wedding or event, contact Mr. Mac Master and The California Quiet Band at

(808) 387-4094 or


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